Kiiroo Feelstars Britney Amber

Kiiroo FeelStars Britney Amber

Britney Amber is a blonde Goddess of a porn gal. She has a Kiiroo masturbator in the FeelStars series.

And, let’s just be honest with each other. We’ve all been masturbating to Britney Amber porn videos for many years. We’ve all fantasized about thrusting hard in her pussy. Granted, you’d only last three pumps in real life. But, in the fantasy you’re pounding the bejabbers out of her golden pootanannie.

Well, you can bring that fantasy a few phases closer to the real world meat-space with this version of Britney’s pussy. Fuck it hard, cowboy!

Kiiroo Feelstars Britney Amber box and masturbator

Kiiroo Feelstars Britney Amber box and masturbator

Here are some Britney Amber Kiiroo videos of interest.

At first glance, they appear to be the same video. But, they’re different. The first one is a little 16 second video that’s intended to be exciting. The second video is the 8 minute one in which Britney Amber goes more in-depth about her Feels stroker.

Britney Amber quick 16 second Kiiroo video

Britney Amber in-depth 8 minute Kiiroo video

In the longer video, Britney’s asked what excites her most about her stroker. She says she’s excited that she’s finally getting her very own toy.

Britney considers it an awesome feeling that anyone anywhere in the world can fuck her pussy any time they want. God, hearing Britney talk about her pussy is horny!

She continues to discuss the molding/casting process. It appears they did one of her butthole and two of her vagina. We’re mainly interested, of course, in Britney’s pussy, but we also learn that she likes dark chocolate, clitoral stimulation, and Pokemon. Like I said, though, Britney, we’re mainly interested in fucking your pussy.

And, Britney along with the good folks at Kiiroo have now made that possible!

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